Association of International Life Offices
Representing the cross-border life industry
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Association Structure

AILO comprises a number of functional sub-committees which are overseen by the Management Committee.

Management Committee
The Management Committee conducts the day to day running of the Association. The Committee meets on a regular basis to monitor and coordinate the activities of the Association and its sub-committees.
Proposition and Customer Committee
Proposition & Customer
The Proposition & Customer Outcomes Committee provides a forum to discuss ways the industry can improve and protect the outcomes experienced by its customers, and on the implications of emerging regulations.
Taxation Committee
Recognised as a key stakeholder on cross-border insurance provision, the Taxation Committee informs Members of taxation issues that impact their products or policyholders.
Distribution and Marketing Committee
Distribution & Marketing
The Distribution and Marketing Committee discusses key industry issues of common interest impacting insurance distribution and helps develop the market through the provision of education and media support.
Legal and Regulatory Committee
Legal & Regulatory
The Legal and Regulatory Committee provides a forum for raising regulatory and compliance issues of common interest amongst Members, and encourages the development and sharing of knowledge.
Investment Committee
The Investment Committee focuses on matters related to the investment activities of international life assurance offices, including the legislative and regulatory developments that will impact Membersí products and life funds.