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About AILO

A unique organisation, AILO has developed strong links to Regulators and law makers in its twin mission: to promote the Single Market for life assurance products in Europe and to help its Members operate around the World, offering solutions to expatriates and within foreign, domestic markets on a sustainable and compliant basis. Membership is limited to life assurance companies operating in international and cross-border markets and to businesses which, wholly or partially, are involved in supporting AILO’s Members.

Establishment of the Association

The Association of International Life Offices was formed in 1987 by a number of companies which provided insurance and investment services in many areas of the world. The founding members recognised the vast potential of the international opportunity and its parallel development in the European Single Market, as well as the need for the emerging industry to have a framework of communication, standards and representation.

Thirty years later the Association continues to achieve these founding aims and to address today's challenges.

Aims and Objectives of AILO

The Constitution encompasses a number of key principles:

AILO Membership

All Members are obliged to adhere to the rules set out in the Association's Constitution. Membership currently comprises cross-border insurers and related companies from several jurisdictions.

The Management Committee comprises the Chief Executive and at least four elected Nominees, including the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Members' Representatives, and the immediate past Chair. It is charged with running the affairs of the Association.

Mutual Interest functional groups, organised as sub-committees, represent the interests of particular groups of Members. Sub-committees have permanent standing and, in addition, ad hoc committees are formed as required in response to special issues, meaning that the Association is always ready to respond to the latest topic of interest in its industry.

AILO's Membership Fees

AILO Membership fees for the financial year from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020.

Full and Associate Membership:
£6,000 or €6,000 per annum

Subsequent companies joining within the same group:
£3,000 or €3,000 per annum

Associate Membership is available to interested companies, partnerships, consultants and organisations that demonstrate an involvement with, or substantial interest in, the provision of life insurance and associated products and services on a cross border basis. Note this class of Membership does not confer voting rights.

If an applicant joins during the Association’s financial year a pro-rata subscription will apply, (see article 4.4 of the Constitution).

Media relations

AILO receives regular publicity in the financial services industry press and encourages the development of a greater awareness of its aims, objectives and activities. All media enquiries concerning the Association should, in the first instance, be addressed to its Secretariat.

Relationships with other associations and industry regulators

AILO maintains strong communications with, and/or representatives on, similar industry associations in the Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom, as well as having the capacity to make representations to the regulators in other jurisdictions. Additionally, AILO maintains frequent and direct communication with the various financial services divisions of the European Commission, MEPs and ESAs, especially within EIOPA.


KPMG in the Isle of Man acts as AILO's auditors.

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BGL BNP Paribas, Luxembourg and Isle of Man Bank

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BGL BNP Paribas S.A.,
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Registered Address

Association of International Life Offices
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Association of International Life Offices Secretariat,
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