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AILO launches its new Diversity Charter

AILO is committed to respecting diversity and inclusion for the benefit of its Members, Affiliates, staff and the public.

AILO welcomes and promotes diversity in its activities and values differences in those it represents, employs and engages with.

AILO encourages its Members to embrace the values of diversity, inclusion and equality and seeks through its work to drive awareness of the importance and benefits of diversity and inclusion within the international life industry.

In particular:

~ AILO will work to raise awareness of the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

~ AILO will consider the principle of equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity and inclusion in decision making.

~ AILO will regularly evaluate its diversity and inclusion practices.

~ AILO will support Member companies by sharing examples of best practice.

~ AILO training and development events for the management and staff of Member companies will highlight the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

21st June 2019