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AILO Publishes New Guides For UK Advisers and Investors

The Association of International Life Offices (AILO) has published revised versions of two guides to cross-border investment bonds, for use by UK advisers and their clients. The brochures, which have undergone extensive updates, can be downloaded from the Knowledge Centre of AILO's website and explain how cross-border investment bonds can offer many financial planning opportunities for many UK-resident and expatriate investors.

The client guide explains some important generic facts about investing in cross-border bonds and is designed to complement the advice and information the client receives from the professional adviser.

The UK adviser’s guide aims to help advisers make the most of the many financial planning opportunities presented by cross-border bonds. A more detailed document than the client guide, the UK adviser’s guide is in two parts, focusing first on the recent legislation affecting cross-border investment bonds and with a second part providing information on the structure and use of cross-border bonds.

Bob Pain, AILO Chairman, commented: “The regulatory landscape changes all the time and the recent updates to AILO’s two guides will ensure they remain informative and relevant to UK advisers, whether or not they are familiar with the use of cross-border bonds in their financial planning recommendations.”

27th August 2018