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Using the AILO logo and linking to the AILO website

The AILO logo may be used in documents, articles, publications and presentations which are about AILO or which make reference to AILO, but should not be used in any way which would suggest approval or endorsement of products by AILO and may not be used in any form of advertising without the express written approval of AILO. The logo may also be used by current AILO Member organisations to indicate their membership of the organisation.

Formats available for download

For your convenience, we have prepared the logo in a number of common formats. If you are preparing an article for the printed media, your printer may prefer to use EPS (PostScript) format.

Usage of the AILO logo on websites

You may use the AILO logo in fair and reasonable ways such as, for example, in a directory of useful links, but please remember that you must not use it in a way which implies that your organisation, products or personnel are endorsed by AILO, or affiliated with AILO in any way. If you are in doubt about your intended usage, please check with the AILO Secretariat.

The AILO logo is a trade mark and the intellectual property of the Association of International Life Offices (AILO). AILO reserves all rights to amend the conditions of usage and to withdraw permission for a website to use the AILO logo if it feels it is being used in a way which is misleading or damaging to AILO. Technical Note: The AILO server is configured to prevent third party websites using its graphics directly. If you wish to use the AILO logo on your page, you should make a local copy of the logo on your own webspace for use within your own website.

Linking to the AILO website

If you want to include a link in your article to the AILO website, we would prefer you to link to the home page rather than link to a specific page within the site. This will ensure the link in your website will remain valid even if we rename or reorganise the pages.

If you wish to reference one of the PDFs on our site, please link to the webpage which describes the PDF, such as the Expatriate Guides page and not to the PDF directly. Many of our PDFs are available in several languages and it is more helpful to our mutual visitors if they can more clearly see their options rather than take them direct to a PDF. Furthermore, PDFs often contain important financial information which is periodically updated and if you use a direct link to a PDF you may, at some future time, be referring people to out of date versions of documents.