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Guides to cross-border investments and retirement planning

AILO has produced a range of useful documents to help inform advisers and their clients of the opportunities that cross-border investment can offer. All the Guides can be downloaded as pdf documents.

Cross-border Bonds

AILO's Guide to Cross-border Bonds is a comprehensive explanation of how these bonds work. There are two versions of this document, one intended for IFAs, and one intended for the IFA's UK-resident clients.

Worldwide tax guides

AILO doesn't currently publish guides to taxation. You might find the PKF International Worldwide Tax Guide, which provides information about the tax regimes worldwide, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, a useful place to start.

Moving Abroad

What advisers need to consider if their client is looking to move from the UK to work or retire

Retirement Age

The AILO Retirement Age Guide is a cross-border guide to investing in life assurance products on behalf of clients of retirement age. It is available in several languages.

Retirement Solutions

The AILO IFA Guide to Retirement Solutions is a guide to the suitability of cross-border life products in retirement planning for UK professional advisers.

Investor Protection

The AILO Investor Protection Guide is an overview of life insurance policy holder protection measures in Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Luxembourg and UK. The document is written for professional advisers.

Making Complaints

AILO's guide to making a complaint is intended for customers investing in cross-border life assurance products. It is available in several languages.

AILO Corporate Brochure

The AILO Corporate Brochure summarises the information found on the website about the work of AILO, what it does, its mission and objectives.

Always seek professional advice

Please note that AILO does not give tax or other professional advice and all its publications provide generic information only. Professional advice should always be obtained in relation to any particular issue or circumstance and the information provided on or through this website should not be considered as a substitute for obtaining such advice.

Using these PDFs

These documents are all the copyright of AILO. AILO grants permission for users to download and use these documents, but only in their original and complete form. You must not remove the AILO logos and attributions and you are not allowed to add your own logos to the documents, or to make derivatives using the text or graphics contained within these documents.

If you wish to link to this information on your website, please link only to this webpage which describes the PDFs and not to the individual PDFs directly. Many of our PDFs are available in several languages and it is more helpful to our mutual visitors if they can more clearly see their options rather than take them direct to a PDF. It is also important to do this because our PDFs often contain important financial information which is periodically updated, and if you link directly to a PDF you may, at some future time, be referring people to out-of-date versions of documents.