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Established in 1987, AILO is a unique organisation in the insurance industry, representing a diverse group of companies in product, market and organisational terms, but all sharing the same vision of doing business across, and unhindered by, national borders.

Much of the information provided by AILO is aimed at professional advisers and their clients and the links below will take you straight to these areas. This information is provided at no cost and is freely available to all advisers.


AILO has produced a range of brochures to help inform advisers and their clients of the opportunities that international investment can offer. Some of the brochures are aimed at clients and provide an easy read for anyone new to international investment. Several items are available in a number of languages.

AILO Guides

About AILO

The AILO Corporate Brochure summarises the information found on the website about the work of AILO, what it does, and its mission objectives.

AILO Corporate Brochure

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Please contact the AILO Secretariat if you have any questions regarding AILO. Please note that AILO cannot provide specific technical and taxation advice.