Association of International Life Offices
Representing the cross-border life industry
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Why your organisation should join AILO

The Association of International Life Offices (AILO) performs a unique function on behalf of an important industry yours!

Our sole focus on the international, cross-border life assurance market and its players means that we are never distracted by domestic issues, non-life issues, or politics. Our 30 year experience of dealing with regulators, tax authorities and international bodies means we are well-placed to deal directly with industry issues. This is recognised by, for example, the EU Commission, which has appointed AILO to its Expert Group on the Savings Directive II, now reporting on Common Reporting Standards. Similarly, the UK Treasury consults AILO in virtually all matters concerning international life assurance and EIOPA regularly consults AILO on investment conflicts.

AILO successfully represents the industry and has recorded major progress with the German authorities over FoS and FoE access and reporting; with the French authorities over access to AGIRA for FoS players and with the UK Regulator over definitions of allowable investment links, saving Members many millions.

Our structure means that our Committees are staffed by Members' "experts" enabling AILO to respond fully to consultations with the unique, cross-border, international perspective. We can assemble expert legal or taxation opinions from within our ranks, and our EU Liaison Officer is highly respected in Brussels. We have representative working groups in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, covering the markets of some international Members, and we are looking to establish more elsewhere, for example in Miami.

Our subscription levels are GBP 6000 or 6000, with subsequent companies joining within the same group paying 3,000 or 3,000 per annum.

Membership currently comprises cross-border insurers and related companies from several jurisdictions. AILO welcomes applications for Membership from international life companies which are actively engaged in cross-border business.

Applications for Associate Membership are also invited from interested companies, partnerships, consultants and organisations that demonstrate an involvement with, or substantial interest in, the provision of life insurance and associated products and services on a cross-border basis.

Please note that AILO Membership is not open to financial adviser firms, or to individuals.